The headquarters of Jewelry Television are located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Where is pandahall located?

PandaHall is located in China and sells wholesale, they have all kinds of beads and materials. I was very surprised about their seedbeads! They are much more regular then expected and definitely worth checking out! Link to the PandaHall site:

Where are Chanel stores located?

Chanel’s geographic segmentation is limited since this brand is expensive and exclusive, their products cannot be afford and available to everyone. Retail Stores are mostly located in main cities such as: New York, Beverly Hills, Miami, Madrid, Tokyo, Paris, etc.

Offset Warns Rappers About Icebox Jewelry “They Be Taxin Dont Shop”

Offset Warns Rappers About Icebox Jewelry They Be Taxin Dont Shopoffset iceboxicebox jewelryicebox lil pumpicebox …

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