Where To Find Agates On The North Shore?

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Lake Superior Agates are Minnesota's state rock and the agates that can be found throughout the North Shore region of Lake Superior. They are well worth the work it takes to find one.

Where to find third eye agate?

Also called Third Eye Stones, Shiva's Eye Agate or Eye of Shiva, these unusual stones are found only in India. Third Eye Agates are composed of concentric rings of different colored brown & black agates & wash up on riverbanks. They're carved & polished into the shape of an eye & have been highly revered in many cultures for thousands of years.

Where to find Oregon agates?

The 6 Best Beaches to Find Oregon Agates

  • Depoe Bay. Depoe Bay is located along the Pacific Ocean and has a great coastline...
  • Beverly Beach. Beverly Beach is a beautiful agate bearing beach in Lincoln County, Oregon.
  • Moolack Beach. Moolack Beach is another great agate beach between Lincoln city and Newport in...

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