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Which Cartilage Piercing Heals Fastest?

by @ 5:24 am on November 11, 2020. Filed under Q&A

On average, female genital piercings take less time to heal than male genital piercings. The fastest healing are the inner labia (4-6 weeks), clitoris and/or hood (4-6 weeks), fourchette (6-8 weeks) and the Princess Albertina (4-6 weeks). The longest are the outer labia (3-6 months) and Christina (6-9 months).

Does the Christina piercing hurt?

Does a Christina piercing hurt ?
If you’re worried about the pain during the procedure, many clients claim that Christina piercing is less painful than ear cartilage piercings…. However, Christina piercing can be very sensitive and prone to irritation. It also heals longer, usually within six to nine months.

How To: Heal Your Cartilage Piercing Faster

Hello Beauties Today’s video features some quick tips and tricks on how to help your piercing (particularly your cartilage piercing) …

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