While white pearls are generally less expensive than colored varieties, a natural white pearl would be more expensive than cultured colored pearls. Currently, the most expensive pearls that are commonly found on the market are the South Sea variety, which occurs primarily in white and gold colors.

What causes pearls to be different colors?

A pearl manufacturer may also influence the color of the pearl to some degree by introducing tissue from another oyster into the host oyster along with the shell nucleus. The color of a pearl is determined by a combination of factors: the base color, overtone, and iridescence. Cultured pearls are also sometimes dyed.

What color were the battleships at Pearl Harbor?

what the actual colors were of the Pacifi c Fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and in particular the battleships. Ther e are many strong and loud opinions that the vertical color of the battleships were a very dark gray.

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