Because in celebrating your birthday, you are reminding yourself and reminding others that every life has value. Every life is important. Every life is precious: yours, theirs, and the life of every human being on the planet.

What is the meaning behind celebrate birthday?

The Real Meaning Behind Birthdays Birthdays are considered sacred days that must be ever so precise and perfect. No sadness or harm is supposed to come to anyone on their birthday. But beyond this traditionally perfect day, what is the true reason behind celebrating?

How do I create my own birthday card?

How to Create Your Own Birthday Invitations

  • Use inviting words.
  • Include important information.
  • Let your guests know what to bring.
  • Ask your guests to RSVP.
  • Send an “Evite”.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Birthdays

    Birthdays are stupid and getting older is dumb. But since you can’t avoid it check out these tips on how to celebrate your special …

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