Why To Buy Organic Products?

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Most people buy organically-grown food products because they are concerned about pesticides, additives, antibiotics or other chemical residues. Although pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables are monitored in Australia, many people believe organic food is healthier.

What is organic jewelry?

Organic jewelry is something that doesn't come easily, and the word organic is often thrown around way too much.... These sources are organically grown and can create a conventional pieces of organic jewelry that you love to wear!

What else should I put in a gift basket?

Best of “Virginia” gift basket idea (or wherever you happen to live): Fill a basket with your local favorite products. For us, It's Virginia Diner peanut selections , Dominion root beer, locally made honey, organic soap, Edwards or Smithfield hams, Route 11 potato chips , or even a dogwood tree ( Dogwood seeds are a super cheap way to give a dogwood tree) if the recipient has a green thumb!

Is Organic Food Worth The Cost?

Larry Santora M.D. expains which organic foods are worth the extra cost and which are not. Dr. Santora is the medical director of ...

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